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A simplistic tabletop game based on the mass effect universe and the star wars saga edition ruleset.
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 Volus Characteristics

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Volus Characteristics Volus_Codex_ImageThe volusics: are an associate race on the Citadel with their own embassy, but are also a client race of the turians. They hail from Irune, which possesses a high-pressure greenhouse atmosphere able to support an ammonia-based biochemistry. As a result, the volus must wear pressure suits and breathers when dealing with other species.
Volus Characterist: +2 Cha (volus are excellent traders and bureaucrats and take the time to learn the proper formalities when interacting with other species)
Small Size: +1 size bonus to reflex saves and +5 to stealth checks, but can only carry 3/4 of the average carrying capacity
Speed: 4 squares
Persuasive: Volus may reroll and persuasion check, but must take the new result, even if its worse.
Conditional Bonus Feat: Any Volus trained in knowledge bureaucracy gains the skill focus (knowledge(bureaucracy)) feat.
Low-Light Vision: Volus ignore concealment, (but not total concealment) from darkness
Pressurized Suit: Volus require a special pressurized suit to survive on most worlds, without the suit the volus is rendered blind, begins to suffocate, and takes 3d6 damage a round. The suit costs 2000 credits, (1000 on the citadel or in volus space) the ammonia tank is lethal to other creatures as is wearing the pressurizing suit. This suit is free to all volus characters at the start. To make armor compatible with the suit it costs +50% of the armor's price or 1000 credits, whichever is more. It takes 1 day per thousand credits to make these modifications at a DC 20 mechanics check, failure means beginning the process all over again and re-purchasing 5% of the suits total cost (you likely damaged something when you messed up). Other players or npcs can make the modifications for you.
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Volus Characteristics
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